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Limelight Media Productions Ltd was established in 2012. It was set up with the primary aim of helping businesses effectively communicate a message, or document an event, by utilising one of the most effectively engaging mediums – video! We have industry leading equipment & software, and years of experience to be able to provide a huge range of commercial videography services.

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Every single production undertaken is done so with a fresh approach to get the best results focused on the brief and target audience. From discussion of the project brief through to output we will tailor the approach and communication style of each video production to give you a product that does what it intends! We do our research on your business to mimic its brand character and ethos within the video style.

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We are a small business with low overheads so we are able to provide competitive pricing and understand that each and every video project is different in terms of its complexity and aims. That is why we don’t have just one generic pricing menu. Instead, after we listen to your exact needs, and define the brief in hand, we will provide you with a detailed and itemised quote or estimate for you to be able to make an informed decision on proceeding. Please enquire with us today via phone, e-mail or by using our enquiry form below, to find your limelight!

The Managing Director


Stephen Shepperson

Stephen Shepperson


Hi I’m Stephen! I grew up with a huge passion for films and storytelling and I was able to channel this into filmmaking whilst at college. I went on to study a (BA Hons) Media Production degree at university in 2002 and completed three years later with 1st class honours (during this time one of my short films was a finalist in the Royal Television Society Awards ‘fiction’ category). As a result I was successful in securing my first job; working for an audio visual & events company where I could be involved in the entire videography process. This led me to filming events and commercial projects all over the UK and abroad, and even filming the Queen & Prince Phillip once (which was a little nerve-racking!).

In 2012 I established Limelight Media Productions Ltd to provide commercial videography and the wedding video brand; Shepperson Wedding Films was also launched.

Why Choose Us


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One of the most important stages of providing a service, we listen to our clients to understand what is needed and what it aims to achieve! We are clear with what you need before defining the brief. Contact us here to get things started

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Being creative is the backbone of everything we do here and it's what drives us - we are creatives! Where appropriate we will look at each project with a fresh approach and offer a number of different angles (no pun intended!) at which we could present your video style.

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4k Video Cameras

We own all of our own equipment which is state of the art and provides fantastic quality results. Our 4K cameras can see in the dark better than your eye, utilise 10 bit colouring information (which is good for grading!) and have the capability to record in 8x speed slow motion!

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Video Editing

We utilise two in-house editing systems and a stack of high-end software and editing programs to be able to add the magic to any production. Here is where we spend most of our time on a project to polish it to shining point, for you to share with the world! (or whomever you choose) – video, audio and graphics!

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We work with our clients at every step of the production process to ensure they are delighted with the results. We are able to upload edit drafts for online sharing and review to ensure they get the video they are happy with. We’ll even check in with you after having the video for us to check on its success.

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Output Options

We are able to prepare and output your video to be watched and shared in any way you see fit – be it a physical disc with chapter menus, digital file, or hosted online ready for streaming or embedding in your website – the world is your oyster and so you can choose how you’d like people to be able watch it!

The Creative Team





After my BA degree in media production, and working for a few years as an employee for a commercial videography company, I established Limelight Media Productions Ltd.




Jenny joined the company in 2015 as it expanded and was trained in-house on the art of video editing. She has a great eye for detail and creativity.




Holly is the eldest of our two children. She always wants to do her best in everything she does. Holly is very conscious and deep thinking and likes to please.




Poppy is of course our youngest child. She is hardworking, full of passion and artistry and has a very caring side when she wants to share it.

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